BNS Batu | Batu night Spectacular | BNS BATU MALANG

Batu Night Spectacular or BNS is the famous amusement park in Batu, First opens in 30th November 2008 Here you can enjoy many kinds of rides and favility such as gokart, house of mirror, Ghosthouse, Bumpercar, Ghosthunt, Aero test, Games room, trampoline, etc.
With the night amusement park concept BNS is the right place to hangout and relaxing with your family and friends at Batu.

• Located at Oro-oro ombo village, Batu
• Opens from 15.00 – 23.00
• Cinema 4D
• Go Kart Circuit
• Slalom Test
• Drag Race
• Lampion Garden
• Gallery of ghost
• Ghost hunt
• Night Market
• Dancing fountain
• House of mirror
• Mouse Coaster
• Otomotif Cafe
• Flying Swinger
• Disco Bumpercar
• Air bike
• Aero Test
• Kids Zone (25 kinds of child games)
• Games Room
• Trampolin
• Handphone Center
• Family karaoke
• Food Court (1.000 seat)
• Café and many more

BNS Batu | Batu night Spectacular | BNS BATU MALANG
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