Coban Talun Waterfall | Wisata Air Terjun Coban Talun Coban Rais Batu

Coban Talun Waterfall | Wisata Air Terjun Coban Talun Batu Malang. Another tourist attraction in the Batu City Tour. Sensation Coban Talun waterfalls and Coban Rais is not only beautiful views from a distance. Nature tourism located in the hamlet Junggo, Tulungrejo Village, District Bumiaji, is also more exotic when seen a few inch of water falling from the location by a height of about 75 meters. Rumble of the water impact with the rocks below to add a waterfall spray sensation that feels as if his body flushed. To any location of the water fall will still be able to feel this sensation. The difference, the noise was only heard a little low.
Coban Talun waterfalls, to enjoy the sensation of a waterfall spray Coban Talun and Coban Rais you must be patient to wait a while until there is wind. The wind will carry water droplets into the waterfall locations around the diameter of approximately 15 meters. If you carefully observe the scene around the location of this waterfall will increase because in addition to exquisite can enjoy the pounding roar of the waterfall, you can also watch a lot of rainbows. The sight was a rainbow of different colors will be seen in every corner.

To reach this area is not easy. In addition caution is required, also need extra energy. Visitors must pass through the rivers and the hills steep and winding. The path to the location is very narrow, slippery and steep. While on both sides along the trail was surrounded by a 2 km gap. Once through this area every now and then you had to grab branches and weeds that grow.
Coban Talun Waterfall | Wisata Air Terjun Coban Talun Coban Rais Batu
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